Since 2007, Beta Inspection Services (BIS) has been setting high standard inspection solutions in providing Quality Control, Non-Destructive Testing / Heat Treatment services to the Offshore / Onshore oilfield Industries and to Petrochemical, Powe Generation, and Shipbuilding industries throughout the Middle East Region.


Ultrasonic Testing (UT) uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examination and make measurements. Ultrasonic inspection can be used for flaw detection, Evaluation, dimensional measurements, material characterization and more. This method of inspection is normally carried out on butt welds and is Usually Limited to section thickness of 8mm and above. This method is good for Detecting internal discontinuities.


Magnetic Particle Testing is an inspection method with which Defects on the surface or close to the surface (to a depth of Approx. 2mm) in a ferro- magnetic material can be identified


Penetrant testing is a technique by which a specially designed Colored dye is used in conjunction with specially formulated Developers to detect surface breaking indications on any Ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic material to assist in determining the material integrity. Penetrant testing can be used on practically all materials.  However, a condition is that the material have solid shape and are non-porous.

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

OES Analyzer can produce qualitative and quantitative analysis of the material composition. Although OES is considered a nondestructive testing method, the spark does leave a small burn on the sample surface.

OES instruments are larger in size and use argon gas to improve accuracy. Sample preparation plays an important role; however, there are almost no limitations to the instruments’ ability to analyze elements typically used in metals. One of the key reason s OES technologies is chosen instead of XRF is OES’s superiority in the measurement of light elements in metals, Such as Carbon and aluminum. OES is the only reliable way to measure carbon outside of the laboratory, which commonly needs to be measured in?

Materials like stainless steel, magnesium and silicon. The technology also is employed in the measurement of aluminum in aluminum alloys.

Phased Array and TOFD

The TD focus –Scan is a multifunction ultrasonic inspection system, Designed to seamlessly perform multi-channel phased Array, Time-Of- Flight- Diffraction (TOFD), Pulse Echo, corrosion mapping and ASME complaint Girth/ Seam weld examinations in every area of is mostly using to reduce the manpower loss occurring due to radiation work and unlike conventional ultrasonic a permanent image is available which make the interpretation more standardizes and can cross verify at any time.

Magnetic flex leakage

MFL is a Magnetic method of nondestructive testing that is used to detect corrosion and pitting in steel structures, most commonly pipelines and storage tanks. The basic principles are that a powerful magnet is used to magnetize the steel. At areas where there is corrosion or missing metal, the magnetic field “leaks” from the steel. In an MFL tool, a magnetic detector is placed between the poles of the Magnet to detect the leakage field. Analysts interpret the chart recording of the leakage field to identify damaged areas and hopefully to estimate the depth of the metal loss.

Long Range UT

LRUT is used to detect flaws, primarily corrosion in pipes that are in accessible for inspection by conventional means. The method employs mechanical stress waves that propagate along an elongated structure while guided by its boundaries.

This allows the waves to travel a long distance with little loss in energy. Guided Wave technique is widely used to inspect and screen many long pipelines from a single location.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Survey (UTG)

IRL perform hull thickness survey of all kinds of ships such as bulk carriers, Tankers, General cargo, Containers, Passenger vessels, yachts etc.…

We are able to provide CAP, CAS, Special surveys, intermediate surveys and annual Surveys. We are equipped with the latest multiple echoes through coating Ultrasonic Equipment’s of Cygnus and krautkrammer. Company technicians always do their job with complete honesty and sincerity.


Radiography is an excellent non destructive testing method to identify internal discontinuities for most common materials.