Aja Technological Solutions Installs European Windows and Doors in Mishref

Aja Technological Solutions, the exclusive representative of Aluporf, the largest Top Brand Company in Europe, has recently completed the installation of high-end aluminum windows, doors, and roller shutter systems in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Kuwait, the Mishref area.

Aluminum is a highly resistant material to external factors, and due to this property, it is widely used in construction. Aluminum structures are popular due to their waterproof qualities, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, and external mechanical stress. Therefore, you can rest assured that you plan to install metal doors and windows in any room. They will last for decades, as their service life is quite long.

Overcoming Challenges During Unprecedented Times

The project presented a unique set of challenges. It was necessary to import everything from Europe, from screwdrivers to profiles, and then manufacture them in Kuwait during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Assembling, installing, and delivering the products on time and within budget required exceptional effort and dedication from the Aja Technological Solutions team.

Delivering Exceptional Quality and Service

Despite the challenges, Aja Technological Solutions completed the project, delivering exceptional quality and service to their client. The new windows, doors, and roller shutter systems add a touch of European elegance and sophistication to the Mishref neighborhood, while also providing superior performance in terms of energy efficiency, security, and sound insulation.

Benefits of Aluminum Windows

The main technical features of aluminum include greater resistance to various types of mechanical damage and adverse environmental impacts. Due to these properties, it is often used in the construction industry. This material tolerates exposure to ultraviolet rays well. Aluminum profiles, having all these properties, retain their original appearance and resistance to corrosion for many years. Such windows are ideal for both residential and non-residential buildings.

Aja Technological Solutions is proud to have been a part of this prestigious project.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products and services, and we are confident that the new windows, doors, and roller shutter systems will provide years of enjoyment and satisfaction.